Police Cadet Training Program

Eleven police cadets will begin their education and training on January 8th, 2018 as the result of a collaborative partnership between the Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS), the Blood Tribe Police Service (BTPS) and Lethbridge College. 

Members of the media are invited to attend, on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 9:00 am in the MHPS Community Boardroom, as representatives from each of the partnering agencies welcomed the class comprised of eight MHPS and three BTPS cadets.  Chief Melting Tallow of the BTPS will also make a tobacco offering to an elder from their community as a part of the First Nations Tradition.

This is the second cadet-training program to be hosted by the MHPS, building upon the success of the first held in 2016.  Following completion of the training, the MHPS will select cadets to replace vacant police officer positions from the eight cadets. All of the cadets who successfully complete the 20-week program will be awarded with academic accreditation by Lethbridge College and may be admitted with advanced academic standing into Lethbridge College’s Criminal Justice – Policing diploma program.

Media Contact:

Rita Sittler
Administrative Services Manager
Medicine Hat Police Service
PH; 403-529-8416