Community Safety Order Granted for Drug House in Medicine Hat

A second Community Safety Order (CSO) was granted against the owner of 390 Aberdeen Street SE that gives the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) Unit the authority to fence the property, board up the house and change the locks. Under terms of the second order, anyone living at the house – including the owner – must vacate the property and it will remain closed for 14 days.

The CSO and resulting closure are part of ongoing, combined efforts to address criminal activity associated with the property, which is across the street from a daycare centre.

The Medicine Hat Police Service launched a coordinated strategy in April 2016 that included directed patrols, surveillance and an undercover buy/bust operation that resulted in drug-related criminal charges against a 44-year-old male occupant of the property.

In May 2016, SCAN conducted surveillance and observed evidence of drug activity. SCAN used its evidence, along with intelligence gathered by Medicine Hat police, to obtain a CSO in Court of Queen’s Bench on Aug. 18, 2016.

On September 7, 2016, the house was closed for a period of 90 days and subsequently returned to the owner in December 2016.

Since the property was returned to the owner, there have been 8 calls for service to the residence, two of which were believed to be overdose incidents.  In one instance, police officers were able to assist the patient by administering Naloxone.

Alberta Sheriffs SCAN Team was notified and another investigation into the activities of the residence was commenced which resulted in another CSO being issued. This CSO commenced on May 11, 2017 and is in effect until May 11, 2018.

Other conditions imposed include:

•  There can be no overnight guests unless there is a written lease agreement;

•  that the Director of Law Enforcement is provided with a copy of the written lease and

•  The tenant has been approved by the Director of Law Enforcement

***NOTE to MEDIA – The property closure will commence at 12:00 PM and representatives from the Alberta Sherriffs and Medicine Hat Police Service will be onsite and available for interviews at that time.

Media Inquiries:

Inspector Mike Letourneau
Alberta Sheriffs
SCAN South
Ph: 403.333.0595


Sgt. Stacey Kesler
Community Intelligence Team
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403.458.1850