Women in Policing Conference

Recognizing the importance of having a police service which reflects the cultural, racial and gender diversity of the community we serve, the Medicine Hat Police Services (MHPS) is excited to host a Women in Policing Conference on March 18, 2017, at the Medicine Hat College.  This one day conference will provide an opportunity for the MHPS to highlight policing as an attractive career choice for women.

Much of what people learn about policing is influenced by media, popular television programs and hearsay from those that may or may not be informed of the true realities of this unique and special career. One of the goals of the Women in Policing conference is to connect future applicants to our female officers, as well as other resources, and to inform participants of the true realities and opportunities that await those who choose this career.

Three time Olympian, six time Olympic medalist, and now Calgary Police Service member, Cindy Klassen, will be participating as a guest speaker and will share her personal journey to accomplishing her childhood dream of becoming a police officer.

Break out session will cover topics including fitness standards and testing, work/life balance, stereotypes and an introduction and overview to the MHPS recruitment process.  Participants will have the opportunity for both personal and professional growth as they form personal connections with female officers who can guide and mentor them as they strive achieve their career goals.

The conference is open to everyone, but is primarily directed towards women ages 16+ who may be interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. There is no cost to attend but per-registration is required and lunch will be provided. 

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