Monthly Enforcement

April 2017- Focus on Speeding

As the road conditions begin to improve along with the weather, we anticipate an increase in speeding violations.  With speed, often comes serious collisions.  Although it’s true that we experience the majority of our collisions during the winter months when road conditions are poor, the vast majority of those collisions involve minor property damage that often creates nothing more than a nuisance for the parties involved.  However, once the weather improves in spring and into the summer months we tend to respond to our most serious collisions involving serious injury and death.  This is largely due to excessive speeds and the false sense of confidence that the favorable road conditions gives motorists. 

During the month of April, the Medicine Hat Police Service will strive to educate motorist on the inherent dangers of speeding and will conduct enforcement strategies in an attempt to prevent these dangerous behaviors before it becomes too late for someone.  Please drive with care and be respectful of everyone on the road this spring. 

Media Contact:
Sgt. Clarke White
Traffic Unit
Ph: 403-529-8471

April 2017 - Focus on Street Cleanliness

The City of Medicine Hat will soon commence the cleaning of streets and the Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Section will be assisting in their efforts by pro-actively enforcing street cleanliness legislations.  The street sweeping campaign is crucial to make our community a clean and desirable place to visit and live.

There are several things we all can do as a community to assist in getting the job done properly and keeping the streets, alleys and public property clean. 

The first is to remove vehicles from the street when the street is posted for street sweeping.  Section 18.5 of City of Medicine Hat Bylaw 2434 prohibits the parking a vehicle on a roadway where a movable sign has been placed for the purposes of street cleaning, snow removal or any other activity for which the sign has been placed there by the City of Medicine Hat.

This is our community, so let’s help out to allow our Municipal Works crews to do the best job at getting our streets and alleys clean.

For more information on this program, Heather Trail, the Peace Officer in charge of Municipal Bylaw Enforcement, can be contacted at 403-529-8436.