Monthly Enforcement

January STEP – Focus on Intersection Safety
Throughout the month of January the MHPS will be keeping a close eye on Intersection Safety as part of the Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP).  Statistically, intersections are the most dangerous locations on our roadways.  The combination of vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist traffic coming from different directions adds to the inherent risks that motorists face while entering intersections and full attention must remain on the road to ensure safety for all.  The majority of collisions at intersections are caused by driver error, the most common being; left turn across path, disobeying a traffic control device/signal and following too closely causing rear-end collisions.  Although intersection safety is a year-round focus and is identified in the MHPS Traffic Safety Plan as one of our top priorities, we will take the opportunity this month to provide discussion on the concerns surrounding this topic in hopes of limiting injuries and deaths on our roads. 

Media Contact:

Sgt. Clarke White #322
Traffic Unit
Medicine Hat Police Service
PH: 403-529-8471

January BEEP – Focus on Animal Care

The January 2018 Bylaw Education and Enforcement Program (BEEP) will be focusing on the animal care provisions under the Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaw. 

Everyday your pet shows you unconditional love and affection; return the favour by being a responsible animal owner. 

Here are some easy steps in keeping your pet happy, healthy and safe, and showing you are a responsible pet owner:

·  Clean your dog run or yard regularly.  Animal feces are unsightly and pose health risks to people and other pets.

·  Do not leave your pets unattended in vehicles without proper heat and ventilation.

·  Dogs should always be secured while in moving vehicles.  Dogs may not be in an open box of a truck or trailer unless they are in a kennel or other animal carrier.

·  If you leave your pet in your yard while not at home, make sure it has access to shelter and water at all times. 

·  It is illegal to leave your dog tied up in a yard while no one is home.  Dogs that are left tied up can become tangled and injure themselves.  They also become frustrated and are more likely to cause a nuisance by barking. 

In addition to the bylaw, it is illegal under the Traffic Safety Act to drive with your pet on your lap.  It is unsafe for the animal and prevents drivers from safely operating a vehicle.