Frequently Asked Questions About Police Cadet Program

How do I apply?

-  All the requirements, minimal standards and application forms can be located on the Medicine Hat Police Website recruiting section or by clicking here

What type of applicant are you looking for?

-  We are looking for team players who share our vision “to optimize the safety and security of our community” and people who are highly motivated and driven

What will a cadet get at the end of the training?

-  A certificate accredited by the Lethbridge College and the possibility of full time employment with the Medicine Hat Police Service

Are cadets covered by Workers Compensation (WCB)?

-  Yes the cadets are covered by the Lethbridge College as they would be deemed students of the college, enrolled in a training curriculum being offered at MHPS

Upon receiving this training will it allow cadets to use it for applications to other police agencies?

-  Although it cannot be discounted, this training is specific to and accepted for employment with the Medicine Hat Police Service recruiting process for 2018

Will the Medicine Hat Police Service be responsible for providing meals or accommodations during training?

-  No, meals and accommodations will be the responsibility of the individual cadet

What is the likelihood of additional hires after the 3 have been selected?

-  It is always difficult to predict human resource needs, however our hope is that additional offers of employment will be made moving forward from the short list remaining

What does the training cost each cadet?

-  Nothing, the training will be offered free of charge to the selected cadets.  While completing the police cadet training program cadets will be paid a monthly stipend of $2,500/mo.

Will cadets be issued a uniform, and equipment?

-  Yes, each cadet will be provided with uniforms and other duty gear required for his/her training

Will any other recruit training be honored in lieu of this training provided by MHPS?

-  No, all candidates selected will be required to complete the cadet training process, however previous training will not be discounted during the applicant selection process

If a cadet, at the completion of the 17 weeks of training, is not selected immediately in the initial 4 hires, how long will the short list for future sections be valid for?

-  The short list for any future hires will be valid for a period of one year from the end of recruit training on May 7, 2018