EDI Fundamentals for Success

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For this strategy to be effective it will require the commitment and support of all MHPS employees and volunteers including; police officers, community peace officers, civilian staff, and contract employees.  The involvement of the Medicine Hat Police Commission, community stakeholders and partner agencies will also be critical to the success of desired outcomes.

  1. Senior Leadership Commitment:

Senior leaders are essential and must be visible champions for EDI inside and outside MHPS. Having a diverse and inclusive environment is a collaborative effort that must engage all employees. Leadership will help identify opportunities and support leaders in their roles as champions.

  1. Employee Involvement:

Providing employees with opportunities to become personally involved in diversity initiatives is critical to success. The MHPS will ensure that the “voice of our employees” is reflected in the initiatives.

  1. Stakeholder Engagement:

Understanding of diversity issues and the links between the social and economic considerations among all stakeholders are critical to success. Stakeholders include employees, prospective employees, private and public sector organizations, and the community at large.

  1. Accountability and Reporting:

Establish measurables that provide a clear, consistent and transparent way to communicate progress to stakeholders.